National construction charities supporting members of the UK construction industry are partnering with Crosby Associates Media to produce two magazines and a diary to highlight the projects the various charities undertake.

Construction Sport, Mates in Mind, Rainy Day Trust, The Lighthouse Club and Band of Builders are charities delivering life-enhancing projects and financial and emotional support for tradespeople and their families across the UK who are dealing with some of life’s most challenging circumstances.

“We are incredibly excited about the partnership with Crosby Associated Media,” says Gavin Crane, CEO at Band of Builders. “Highlighting the stellar work charities do for tradespeople in the UK within these publications will pay dividends to all the volunteers and organisations involved in improving the lives of those in need of assistance.”

Since 1997, Crosby Associates Media has worked in partnership with numerous prestigious organisations, providing award-winning printed and digital media with industry-leading customer service.

“We look forward to working with these charities in creating and delivering a bespoke publication that will exceed their aspirations,” states Lee Carroll at Crosby Associated Media. “They provide a great service, and this publication will further enhance what they have achieved, raising their profile among key stakeholders.”

Crosby Associates Media is a leading UK contract publisher that successfully services the publishing and income generation requirements for a broad and diverse portfolio of high-profile associations, federations and major chambers of commerce.

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