Band of Builders Diary

Band of Builders was born in 2016 when their founder took to social media to ask for help renovating the home of close friend and colleague Keith Ellick who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The incredible response from tradespeople across the UK saw the project completed and demonstrated what can be achieved when the industry stands together.
From there, Band of Builders was formed and continues to complete further projects across the UK with the value of TogetherStronger at its core.

In 2019 the organisation gained charity status in England and Wales and now works formally to help members of the construction industry and their families across the country in their hour of need.

Since that first project to help Keith, Band of Builders has completed a wide range of projects with a combined delivery value of over £1m which includes accessible bathrooms and kitchens, wheelchair ramps, cabins and even complete home renovations.

They provide practical, financial and wellbeing support to support members of the construction sector and partner with industry leaders to ensure we can help as many people as possible.

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