Homes Magazine

Homes North magazine is a quarterly glossy consumer magazine distributed through high footfall supermarkets across the North of England. 

Homes North magazine helps educate the first-time buyer and is an asset for housing providers and developers to target their sales and marketing on a geographical basis.

The editorial content, styling and design, is of a high standard, as you would expect from a well-established media organisation. The content is designed to be both informative and inspirational to the reader.

Distribution is key to the success of this magazine; we work with a distribution partner who has exclusive distribution with five major supermarket brands, Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Co-Op and Sainsbury. 

The magazine is free of charge to the consumer and is presented in the foyer area of the supermarket. 

This means wherever the housing development is in the North of England we can target a high footfall audience, within a geographical radius delivering a greater, relevant, cost effective impact than traditional marketing methods.

Our distribution partner is accredited by ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). This means we tightly control the distribution, leaving little or no wastage. In fact, with a weekly reporting system, we can even resupply the supermarket when all copies have been picked up by the consumer.

All this backed up with a significant digital footprint, inclusive of social media and an accessible digital version of the magazine. 

All this is free to access to the target audience – no paywall. 

For organisations, looking to reach the first-time buyer with their goods and services, Homes North magazine will deliver your message direct to the consumer at a place they go to at least three times a week, their local supermarket.

For advertising opportunities contact 0330 124 3780